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China has entered the ranks of middle-income countries£¬but the development is unbalanced, the gap is wide range of large between urban and rural areas in particular,gap is the potential, the largest potential for development is still the urbanization in the next few decades. According to the current speed of the urbanization, the waste will grow in the average annual rate of 10%, the long-term storage of waste will generate the tremendous impact on the environment and life.
Accelerating the waste to energy disposal is imminent.
On August 20th last year, the MOST, NDRC, MIIT, MEP,MOHURD, MOFCOM and CAS seven departments of the State Council jointly issued the ¡°Waste to Energy Technology Engineering Twelfth Five special plan ". As per the planning, waste to energy output value will reach 2 trillion RMB to 2015, more than double by 2010, but compared with the international advanced level, there is still much room for the efficiency improvement .
The planning mentioned: will focus on breakthroughs in key urban waste sorting and recycling and homogeneous pretreatment, organic waste anaerobic digestion ,LFG upgrading and utilization, waste efficient energy conversion and secondary pollution control technology and equipment for municipal solid waste (including food waste) during the "Twelve Five" period, build the suitable waste to energy technology system for China's urban waste characteristics.
The plan also made it clear that promote the third-party waste to energy technology and operational services utilization, major breakthroughs biomass anaerobic digestion,biogas utilization, the residue harmless disposal of core technology, the development of complete sets of equipment, MSW and sludge disposal through the implementation of MSW and sludge to energy demonstration projects, the government leading the role for municipal solid waste, food waste, construction waste, municipal sewage sludge.
It is noteworthy that the plan cleared the direction of waste to energy, landfill gas to energy will usher in development opportunities as well.
Additionally,the NDRC released WtE subsidy policy on this 10th April,State Council issued 12th Five-Year municipal solid waste disposal,facilities construction plan on this 19th April.
These combined series of policies make a strong backing for Waste to Energy industry, we are convinced with all market participants¡¯ positive efforts,the market will be very prosperous.

Key Features
Hear the latest policy initiatives from across the Asia region
Understand the economics of waste management in the region
Learn what investors need to make a project bankable
Assess new technologies in recycling, sorting and waste-to-energy
Assess the market opportunities for advanced conversion technologies and their outputs
Debate the future of the emerging waste conversion market with industry leaders
Benefit from technical expertise from some of the industry¡¯s leading technology providers
Meet and do business with the leading waste players in the region
Discover new commercial opportunities in 2014 and beyond
Position your company at the forefront of the emerging waste industry in Asia

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