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China is a less oil-rich gas, coal country, this resource structure means in the next 10 to 20 years, China's power structure is still dominated by fossil power, in the Eleventh Five-Year period, as the country's attention on energy conservation, Chinese power structure has improved, but still accounted for 70% of fossil power ratio, thus accounting for China's fossil power pollutant pollutants proportion of the total, still as high as 50%.China is facing such a resource structure, the back face of the Copenhagen international community, especially developed countries, the US-led pressure on the face of the worsening climate, the era of low-carbon energy development as inevitable.

According to the China Electricity Council predicts that by 2015, China's electricity demand will reach 5.99 ~ 6.57 trillion kwh, installed capacity will reach 1.437 billion kilowatts, of which, about 933 million kilowatts installed capacity of coal.
At present, China's coal-burning atmospheric pollution, and the emergence of hybrid pollution to changing trends. Soot, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and mercury emissions have been highest in the world, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions exceed the volume capacity of environmental self-purification, environmental pollution situation is very grim. Therefore, the new standards significantly tighten the nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and soot emissions limits for the key areas to develop more stringent emission limits for air pollutants in particular, and the addition of mercury emission limits.
Development of low-carbon electricity industry, to adjust the power structure, the development of wind power, solar power, biomass power generation is certainly an important way, but renewable energy technology is not mature, and the high cost of electricity, tariff subsidies has not been put in place, grid construction, and network technology, there is still blind to explore the research stage, and many other factors, we expect 10 to 20 years, various types of renewable energy in power generation ratio is still only play a supporting role, while the fossil power will still come out on top.
For this reason, the Chinese government, enterprises will be more emphasis on the use of clean coal and fossil power plants in various business aspects of energy saving, which will become China's power the only way towards sustainable development.

Data show that as of the end of 2010, China's installed power generation capacity of 966 million kilowatts. Fossil power installed capacity of about 710 million kilowatts, accounting for 73.4% of installed capacity, of which 91% is coal-fired power plants. In 2010, the national generating capacity of 4.23 trillion kwh of fossil power 3.42 trillion kwh, accounting for 80.81%.

The power industry is an important area of ??Chinese energy reduction. To control the emissions of air pollutants of fossil power effectively, fossil power must be out of a relying on advanced technology, the development of clean power generation, eliminate backward production capacity of clean, efficient, low-carbon path.
China's coal resources in the energy mix will not change the basic position, quite a long time in the future capacity of coal-fired units will continue to grow, the fossil power industry emission reduction task is arduous. To achieve a healthy and orderly development of fossil power industry, we must strengthen scientific and technological innovation.

Key Theme
Global Trends of fossile power industry Policy and Regulations Updates
Interpretation of the latest policy on the coal price electricity price
Asia fossil power market outlook
The major asia region fossil power plant operator's development strategy in the next years
How to solve the current fossile power industry's problem in the region
Next Generation fossil power generation Technology
Implementation of IGCC
Clean fossil fuel plays very important role in the industry
Post combustion Carbon capture storage technology
Advanced Denitrification Desulfurization Mercury removal technology showcase
Improve fossil power generation efficiency
Investment opportunity in the green fossil power industry

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