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With the urbanization process, the waste become the burden on the urban development as a product of the urban metabolism, many cities have the ¡°waste siege ¡±situation. The waste of the world average annual growth rate is 8.42%, while the Chinese junk growth rate is more than 10%. People produce 490 million tons of garbage each year£¬China produced nearly 150 million tons of municipal solid waste alone. Chinese municipal solid waste accumulated heap stock reached 70 million tons. We are convinced the waste disposal industry will be promising.
The NDRC released WtE subsidy policy on this 10th April,State Council issued 12th Five-Year municipal solid waste disposal,facilities construction plan on this 19th April,these policy and local government¡¯s support drive the market development. The municipal solid waste disposal ushered in the era of large-scale investment and construction, has entered a stage of comprehensive development of market-oriented. The good investment environment and steady growth of the potential market demand bring the golden industry development opportunities, domestic listed companies, foreign investment, private capital, as well as multiple investment entities are active in this industry. The data show that from 1998 to 2012 in March, our WtE projects market accumulated a total investment of 146.9 billion yuan, a total of 449 projects. Some experts said that in 2015, our WtE plant will also increase by 384, when the incineration capacity will reach about 310,000 tons.
Key Features
Hear the latest policy initiatives from across the Asia region
Understand the economics of waste management in the region
Assess new technologies in recycling,sorting composting and waste-to-energy
Learn what investors need to make a project bankable
Discover new commercial opportunities in 2013 and beyond
Meet and do business with the leading waste players in the region
Position your company at the forefront of the emerging waste industry in Asia

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