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The scale of the city in China continues to expand, the urban population continues to grow, MSW has been increasing, currently, industrial solid waste was generated around 3.23 billion tons per year, the amount of municipal waste is around 171 million tons per year,large amount of solid waste has not been disposed timely and effectively. In the central government¡¯s new urbanization plan , the MSW treatment rate needs to reach 95%. According to the "Twelfth Five Year Plan" goal, the waste incineration capacity demand growth will be doubled within next two years,by 2015, it will be more than 35% of the the total capacity of sound processing , especially reach more than 48% in the eastern region.
In the past two years, the MOST, NDRC, MIIT, MEP, MOHURD, MOC and CAS jointly issued " Waste to Energy Technology Engineering Twelfth Five special plan ", the NDRC issued " WtE subsidy policy ", the State Council issued the "12th Five-Year municipal solid waste disposal, facilities construction plan ". Because of this package of policy stimulus by the government, China ushered large-scale MSW incineration investment and construction, the industry went to the stage of market comprehensive development, the state owned companies, listed companies, foreign companies, private capital and other parties actively participate in market competition, they build their a lot of projects in the country as well. Until September 2013, the MSW incineration power plant already operated is around 159 in the country, total daily treatment capacity of 145,000 tons. In the "Twelfth Five-Year" period, it will add capacity of 223,000 tons of MSW incineration, namely 223 new plants need to be built even by a single plant on the scale of 1000 tons disposal. That means till the late "12th five", daily processing of waste incineration capacity will reach 307,900 tons, the number of waste incineration facilities will be nearly 330.According to China Waste-to-Energy Plants Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2018, the market for Waste-to-Energy plants in China is expected to grow up to almost three folds in the next five years. The revenues from WTE plants market in China is forecasted to grow at the CAGR of over 18% during next five years.
Recently the varying degrees haze phenomenon appeared in throughout the China mainland, we know that MSW, sludge incineration, disposal of solid waste in cement kilns will produce large amounts of emissions as well. The government has issued a number of new policies and standards to limit the emissions.The MEP released ¡°Standard for pollution control on co-processing of solid wastes in Cement kiln¡± (GB 30485-2013) ¡°Environmental protection technical specification for co-processing of Solid wastes in cement kiln¡± (HJ 662-2013) on 27th Dec 2013,both are implemented from 1st Mar 2014.
Just a few days ago (30th May), MEP to develop in conjunction with the AQSIQ issued the ¡°Municipal Solid waste incineration pollution control standards¡± (GB18485-2014), the new standard will be implemented from July 1, 2014 .
The updated revised ¡°Municipal Solid waste incineration pollution control standards¡± expand the application scope, stipulate CO as indicators of operating conditions and pollution control, clear online flue gas emissions monitoring and incinerators of the incinerator start, shutdown accident emissions requirements, dioxin control limits is 0.1ng TEQ/m3. By implementing this new standards, NOx MSW incineration generated can reduce emissions by 25%, SOx emissions can be 62% , dioxin reduction can be 90%.It is expected to improve operational waste incineration enterprise management level, to further reduce emissions, reduce waste incineration facilities for the public doubts and discontent. DeSOx,DeNOx,,mercury removal, dust, fly ash disposal system, CEMS system needs to install and upgrade, the market size is expected to exceed 20 billion RMB in 2015.

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Gain latest information on policies across the Asia region
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