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Halifax Fan is a leading industrial centrifugal fan company. We specialize in high quality, bespoke fan design and manufacturer and are acclaimed for our ability to meet varying customer's demands. Most of fans are customized to suit the specific need of individual clients. We have our own factories in both England and China, and manufacturer for customer all over the world.
We have sales, service and support teams in both facilities that can provide specialist knowledge and help when required. Industries Served include petrochemical, Chemical, Nuclear, Pharmaceutical, Power, offshore-Marine, Oil and gas, Food, Textiles, Glass, tobacco, Paper, Steel and many more.
Product Range volumetric flow up to 500,000m3/hr., Pressure up to 45kpa. Power up to 1MW, Handing clean air through to heavy particulate loads, Hazardous areas (ATEX), Gas tight, High temperatures, Corrosive applications.
Quality Assurance BSI certified to BS EN ISO9001:2008, we can manufacture to a wide range of industrial standards such as BS, AMCA, API, Shell, DEPetc.

Jirehtechnology is international recognized consulting and sales company for environmental protection subjects and chemical delivery. Based on technology and product form EU , China and far East.Established Oct. 04 2002 and located at Seoul . Korea and Frankfurt Germany.

Planet Asia is a value added supplier of industrial chemicals; resins, tubings and films for medical products; pharmaceutical intermediates; polymer products and pollution control systems. 
Since its inception in 1995, Planet Asia has focused on niche businesses, undertaking those which demand a consistently high standard of professionalism in the area of sourcing, reliable logistical back-up, responsiveness and attention to details. It is little wonder that over the years the company has established an impressive range of quality products sourced from around the world from the best in class producers as well as won accolades from numerous Fortune 500 customers.

As an industrial engineering Group, Fives designs and supplies machines, process equipment and production lines for the world’s largest industrials including the aluminium, steel, glass, automotive, aerospace , logistics, cement, energy and sugar sectors.
Located in over 30 countries and with nearly 8,000 employees, Fives is known for its technological expertise and competence in executing international projects.
Fives’ multi-sector expertise gives it a global vision of the industry which provides a continuous source of innovation. The effectiveness of its R&D programs enables Fives to design forward-thinking industrial solutions that anticipate clients’ needs in terms of profitability, performance, safety and compliance with environmental standards.
This strategy is backed by a human resources policy that is focused on the individual, encourages initiative-taking and technical excellence.

SOLVAY is a major global player in sustainable chemistry. Solvay generates 90% of its net sales in activities where it is among the world's top three players. It serves many markets, varying from energy and the environment to automotive and aeronautics or electricity and electronics, with one goal: to raise the performance of its clients and improve society's quality of life.
SOLVAY is the leading producer of sodium bicarbonate worldwide, and is recognized as a market leader in sodium products for air pollution control with SOLVAir Solutions.
SOLVAir Solutions is a range of sodium bicarbonate or trona products, services, technologies and dry treatment systems for air emissions control and associated waste management that meet the demand of industrial activities like coal-fired or fuel power plants, energy-from-waste incinerators, industrial boilers etc.
Currently, around 300 customers worldwide are using SOLVAir solutions.
This global offer helps to eliminate pollutants such as hydrochloric acid (HCl, up to 99,9%), sulfur oxides (S0x, up to 99%), dioxins and particulates at stack down to the most stringent legal limits. Our processes are fully compatible with the most efficient nitrogen oxides (NOx, > 90%) mitigation technologies.
SOLVAY group is headquartered in Brussels (Belgium), employs about 29,400 people in 56 countries and generated 9.9 billion euros in net sales in 2013.

Founded in 1978, Environnement S.A is leading the field in continuous environmental pollution analysis systems: 
Ambient air quality monitoring (AQMS)
Continuous emission monitoring (CEMS)
Engine exhaust gas monitoring
Radionuclide monitoring
Water quality monitoring 
This extensive, innovative range of products is completed by iseo, our environmental  IT establishment, a leader of Environmental Data Acquisition and Handling Systems for Industries. iseo solutions are adjustable to any plant size and managing various data sources: emission, imission, meteorological, water and process.  
Today, Environnement S.A is proudly represented in over 65 countries

LUEHR FILTER is a worldwide acting company with more than 70 years of practical experience in the development and construction of plants for air pollution control. In China and other countries in Asia LUEHR FILTER is represented by a subsidiary with own production. Our range of products includes all component parts from the gas take-off up to the stack. Engineering, maintenance and support services complete our package. Our worldwide references, which include many installations in the waste to energy market, attest to our service capabilities.

Cabot Norit Activated Carbon is a global leader in the research, development, manufacturing and sale of high-grade activated carbons and equipment systems. Cabot’s product line includes more than 150 different grades of activated carbon produced from a wide variety of raw materials. Cabot’s mercury removal products are the industry standards for meeting mercury regulations.
Cabot’s newest product, DARCO Hg-LH EXTRA - which offers a lowest cost per kilogram of mercury removed.
While there, learn how Cabot can assist you with compliance testing and ACI equipment, including emissions testing, evaluating treatment options, and product testing at your plant.

沃斯坦工程技术有限公司(Wallstein Ing.GmbH.), 创建于1989年,总部位于德国,从事换热器及部件的研发、设计、制造和成套服务。在中国拥有沃斯坦热力技术(北京)有限公司(中国及亚太地区市场、项目 和技术中心)和沃斯坦热力设备(天津)有限公司(亚太地区烟气换热器系统生产基地)。
AlWaFlon GGH烟气换热器是由沃斯坦公司(Wallstein)采用杜邦氟塑料聚合物制造,从设备支架、内衬,到布管系统,完全采用氟塑料材质,具有优异的耐腐蚀性能和自清洁特性。
AlWaFlon 管式GGH可广泛应用于发电厂和垃圾焚烧项目,可完全实现零泄漏,完美地解决金属回转式GGH的堵塞和泄漏问题,适用于电厂的新建和技改/扩建项目。
AlWaFlon HDS热转移系统是将脱硫前烟气回收的热量用于加热脱硫后的净烟气以提升净烟气的温度和扩散高度、降低单位面积的落地浓度,减少二氧化碳排放,符合环保要求。

普拉克 (PURAC)是国际领先的污水、工艺用水和饮用水以及生物废料处理方面的工程承包商。兼具广博技术与深湛经验,再加上我们独立研发的成果和专利技术,普 拉克为您提供的是效率更高、运行更省的开创性解决方案。到目前为止,我们已经在70个国家完成超过4000个合同。
普拉克是洛克比水务集团 (Lackeby Water Group)针对工程承包业务的品牌。我们的实力汇聚了项目经理、现场经理和调试工程师及每个员工的卓越智慧和丰富经验,成为在工艺、建设和总承包各方面 都出类拔萃的工程专家。在世界各地,创新精神加上与客户、供货商和商业伙伴之间的和谐的关系是我们成功的法宝。

Setting The Standards For Highest Efficiency In Thermo Processing
Innovations and developments for industrial furnaces
Energetical Treatment of Waste and Soil Melting Furnaces
Cleaning of the Heat Exchanger Filling during Operation
Aluminium Bath Treatment
Pyrolysis (Rotary Kiln) / Hydro-Thermal Application
Municipal Waste Medical Waste Contaminated Soil Bio-Mass Sewage Sludg

The company, founded in 1946, has a global presence with almost 50 subsidiaries and participations as well as numerous sales agencies. SICK currently employs more than 6,300 employees worldwide, and achieved sales of EUR 971.3 m in 2012.
From factory automation to logistics automation and process automation, SICK is one of the leading producers of sensors. As a technology and market leader, SICK’s sensors and application solutions for industrial use create the perfect basis for reliable and efficient control of processes, for protecting people from accidents, and for preventing environmental damage.

Company Introduction

Founded in 1894, Andrew Industries Limited is a UK based group specializing in research & development, manufacture and the conversion of technical non-woven products for a variety of industrial applications.
The group consists of three divisions: Filtration & Industrial Textile, Building Manufacturing Partnership (BMP) and Laundry Products, and is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers & suppliers of industrial textile products in the word.
As a wholly foreign owned enterprise, Andrew Industrial Textile Manufacturing Company (Shanghai) Ltd is Filtration & Industrial Textile Division’s most recent investment. Located in the Shanghai Qingpu Industrial Zone, the company will manufacture & market the full range of filter felts such as PE, PP, Acrylic, Aramid, PPS, P84 and PTFE as well as other technical textile products to focus one the requirements of the local China marketplace.

With a heritage that stretches back for more than a century Andrew Industries Limited prides itself on providing quality products, service and innovation. We are confident that our China commitment-Andrew Industrial Textile Manufacturing Company (Shanghai) Ltd will make a significant contribution to China’s environmental protection market and also contribute to China’s economic development.

GEA Process Engineering,GEA Niro
GEA Process Engineering is a Danish company founded in 1933, part of the German GEA Group since 1993.GEA Process Engineering is a world leader within liquid and powder processing equipment such as Spray Dryers,marketed world-wide through an extensive network of GEA companies and representatives.

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