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Chinese Society of Power Engineering is the academic mass organization of national power engineering science and technology professionals, a part of (CAST) China Association for Science and Technology, its predecessor the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering Turbine and Boiler,was established in 1962, changed its name to China Machinery Society of Power Engineering in 1979. According to the requirement of China's power engineering disciplines development and the majority of power engineering science and technology professionals, become a national top level society - China Society of Power Engineering in December 1988,was approved by the National Science and Technology Commission, joined the (CAST)China Association for Science and Technology in August 1992 . The Society is a multi-disciplinary comprehensive society focusing on the research, design and manufacture of power generation thermodynamic equipment. It includes 11 professional committees such as turbine, boiler, hydraulic turbine, nuclear power, industrial gas, automatic control, materials, environmental protection technology and equipment, new energy equipment industrial gas and academic, organization, international cooperation, editing and publishing, consulting and exhibitions and other five working committees. 
中国动力工程学会是全国动力工程科技工作者的学术性群众团体,是中国科学技术协会的组成部分,它的前身是1962年成立的中国机械工程 学会透平与锅炉学 会,1979年更名为中国机械工程学会动力工程学会。根据我国动力工程学科发展需要和广大动力工程科技工作者的要求, 1988年12月经国家科委批准成为 国家一级学会——中国动力工程学会,1992年8月加入中国科协。 本会是以发电热动力机械设备的研究、设计、制造为中心的多专业的综合性学会。它设有透平、锅炉、水轮机、核电、热力、工业煤气、自 控、材料、环保技术与装 备、新能源设备、工业气体等11个专业委员会以及学术、组织、国际合作、编辑出版、咨询与展览等5个工作委员会。

The Indonesian Iron and Steel Industry Association (IISIA) is an iron and steel industry organization that is a fusion of several iron and steel associations from upstream to downstream and after it was inaugurated in 2009. After the organization runs for 4 (four) years, many things are still requires adjustment between members as well as the involvement of other institutions, including government agencies. So, in the IISIA 2013 National Congress, it is deemed necessary to perform performance analysis and formulate the pattern and work program of the next organization. It is hoped that this will give maximum benefit to Indonesian steel industry in particular, and also support the economic growth of the country.

The VISION of Indian Steel Association is to “work towards transforming the Indian Steel Industry as a global leader acclaimed for its Quality, Productivity and Competitiveness, with focus on health, safety and environment, along with growing thrust on innovation through R&D, adopting an inclusive and collective approach”.
ISA is working as an industry body with all major integrated steel players of the country as its full members. ISA currently represents around sixty percent of crude steel production in India and intends to be focal point for steel industry related deliberations in the country and abroad.

MISIF is the national industry association for manufacturers of iron and steel products. It has 143 member companies involved in the manufacture of: 

· Raw and semi-finished products such as billets, slabs and blooms
· Rolled products of iron and steel such as bars, wire rods, CR coils and plates
· Wire and wire products
· Flat steel products including: 
- Pipes, tubes and fitting
- Galvanized and coated sheets
- Roofing shetts, wall cladding and drums
· Engineering and fabricated products, including boiler and pressure vessels.
· Iron and steel casting, die casting
As an industry organization, a primary function of MISIF is to assist and support members in carrying out their business efficiently and successfully. As such, MISIF supports the membership in the following activities :

· Representation to Government on relevant issues of concerns, primarily those relating to policies on the steel industry;
· Dissemination of information through seminars, workshops, circulars and publications;
· Consultation with members on issues as requested by Government or other authorities ;
· Business promotion for members;
· Human Resource development and training courses.

The Philippine Iron and Steel Institute (PISI) shall be the premiere organization that is recognized by the government as representing the country’s iron and steel industry and it shall be the vital catalyst to bring about a sustainable and globally competitive domestic capability to produce and manufacture iron and steel products in the Philippines.
The primary purpose of the PISI is to help bring about global competitiveness and sustainable growth in the Philippine iron and steel industry to enable the latter to be an effective partner in national development.
Toward this end, the Institute shall promote the advancement of the industry by working closely with key decision makers in the private and public sectors, by providing a forum to discuss critical issues affecting the industry, by helping to improve the industry’s capabilities and human resources, by maintaining a broad-based membership united in the same cause, and by maintaining good working relationship with our global counterparts.

The Iron and Steel Institute of Thailand (ISIT) is an independent body established by the Ministry of Industry in Noveber 2000 under the Industrial Development Foundation. The Institute represents the united intention of the state and the private sector to see effective co-ordination of their efforts in enhancing the strength of the iron and steel industry development in Thailand.
ISIT aims to develop Thai iron and steel industry to be internationally competitive and effectively drive the development of strategic industry.
Encourage industrial competitiveness?????????
Co-operate and support government's policy????????
Develop iron and steel industrial database??????????????
Encourage the co-ordination and co-operation among involving stakeholders?
Create value-added services for iron and steel industry??

    • 1975.07KOSA(Korea Iron and Steel Association)founded(Founder President : Park,Tae-Jun)
    • 1975.09Hosted the first Seminar for Development of the Steel Industry and published KOSA Bulletin
    • 1976.04Affiliated with IISI (International Iron and Steel Institute)
    • 1976.07Affiliated with SEAISI(South East Asia Iron and Steel Institute)
    • 1977.03Designated as the Survey and Statistics Organization for the Steel Industry by Economic                   Planning Board and Bureau of Statistics
  • 1980 years
    • 1982.11Launched Iron and Steel Award system
  • 1990 years
    • 1996.02Founded the Steel House Club and the Steel Construction Club
    • 1996.08Founded the Stainless Steel Club
    • 1996.12Establishment of Steel Publicity Committee
    • 1998.01Started KOSIS ( Korea Steel Information Service)
    • 1999.02Designated the Day of Steel (June 9) and Celebrated sinceJune 9, 2000
  • 2000 years
    • 2000.06Hosted the first Steel Day
    • 2003.06Launched the Carbon Steel Electric Furnace Council
    • 2004.06Hosted the Marathon Competition to celebrate the Steel Day
    • 2005.03Launched the Steel Pipe Council
    • 2005.06Hosted the 30th Anniversary
    • 2005.07Published the History of the Korean Steel Industry
    • 2005.10Hosted the general meeting of the IISI
    • 2006.06Launched the Steel Scrap Committee
    • 2007.05Launched the Steel Distribution Council
    • 2009.07as Co-operating Organization for Standards (COSD)
  • 2010 years
    • 2010.03Opening of steel specialized service provider SteelData
    • 2012.02Korea Iron & Steel Association - Korea Metal Material Research Association Integrated management

The Japan Iron and Steel Federation (JISF) was established in November 1948. In November 2001, it was completely reorganized through consolidation with the Kozai Club and the Japan Iron & Steel Exporters' Association. The JISF is a nationwide representative body of the Japanese steel industry and its members consist of the country's major iron and steel producers, trading companies, and organizations engaged in steel distribution.
Steel is a basic material indispensable for industrial development and the improvement of people's lives. It is also one of Japan's most important exports. The JISF contributes to the sound growth of the national economy and promotes international cooperation by taking on challenges from the overall standpoint of the Japanese steel industry. To these ends, the JISF carries out extensive activities that include compiling statistics and conducting research and studies on steel production, demand and distribution; promoting the development and diffusion of new technologies for steel production and products; addressing environmental issues; improving and streamlining work and management conditions; enhancing standardization and promoting fair steel trade.


The Japan Iron and Steel Federation was founded -- after the dissolution of the Tekko Tosei Kai (Steel Control Association) and the various transitions that followed -- as a private research institution to carry out comprehensive studies of the steel industry.
The JISF was created in November 1948 by the merger of the Nihon Tekko Kai (Japan Steel Association) and the Nihon Tekko Keieisha Renmei (Japan Steel Industry Employers' Federation), a research institute focused on labor problems in the steel industry. The Kozai Club was established in 1947 as an organization descended from the Kozai Konwa Kai (Steel Products Association) and the Sentetsu Konwa Kai (Pig Iron Association) and was consolidated with the Japan Galvanized Iron Steel Association in March 2001. Meanwhile, the Japan Iron & Steel Exporters' Association, which was founded in 1953, was consolidated with the Japan Galvanized Iron Sheet Exporters Association in April 2001. In November 2001, the JISF, the Kozai Club and the Japan Iron & Steel Exporters' Association were consolidated into one organization to make a fresh start as a new JISF.

Before the founding of the Taiwan Machinery Industry Association under the steel export team, was officially established on November 30, 1963, named "Taiwan Steel Industry Association."
Mission: The steel industry is a basic industry. For the purpose of seeking the unity and development of the steel industry, assisting the government in its economic construction and securing foreign exchange for the country, and coordinating with its counterparts and promoting common interests.
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Vietnam Steel Association (VSA) is the non-governmental organization and its members consist of ironand steel producers, and distribution agencies, who engage in steel processing and salesvoluntarily participateVSA was established for the aim of promoting cooperation among the members in speeding up the steel development.


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