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5th?Annual Asia Hazardous Waste Treatment Congress 2020 Attendee profile:

Participants will be senior executives including:
- Chairman
- President/CEO/GM
- Vice President/Deputy GM
- Chief Operating Officer
- EHS Vice President,Director,Manager Head
- Facility Operation and Maintenance Director,Manager
- Strategic Development Director
- Sales/Marketing Director
- Business Development Director
- Chief Representative
- Investment Analyst
- Legal/Financial Consultant
- Head of Industry Association etc.

From the following organizations:
Government and association
Provincial Ecological Environment Department
Prefecture Level City Ecological Environment Bureau
County City Ecological Environment Bureau
Petrochemical industry
Chemical industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Agrochemical industry
Healthcare waste industry
Coal-Fired power industry
Nuclear power industry
Semiconductor industry
Steel industry
Aluminium industry
MSW?incineration industry
Shale Gas Industry
Non-ferrous Metals Industry
Waste Battery Industry
Solid waste disposal center
Haz Waste treatment operators
Haz Waste treatment recycling company
Haz Waste treatment design firms
Haz Waste treatment engineering company
Haz Waste incinerator
Haz Waste gasification technology providers
Cement co processing company
Haz Waste treatment facility company
FGT solutions providers
Software companies
RFID solutions company
Investment Bank
Venture Capital,Private Equity
Finance and Leasing Company
Funds Trust?company
Consulting company
Law firm

From the following locations:
- Canada - United States
- China P.R.C - Europe
- Hong Kong - Singapore
- Japan - Korea
- Australia - India
- Indonesia - Malaysia
- Thailand - Vietnam
- Philippine - New Zealand

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