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Attendee profile:
Participants will be senior executives including:
- Chairman
- President/CEO/GM
- Vice President/Deputy GM
- Chief Operating Officer
- Strategic Development Director
- Sales/Marketing Director
- Business Development Director
- Chief Representative
- Investment Analyst
- Legal/Financial Consultant
- Head of Industry Association etc.

From the following organizations:
Government and association
Coal fired power plant operators
Electric power design institute
Coal fired power plant EPC company
Air pollution control EPC company
Ultra-low emission retrofitting EPC company
Fossil power generation facility providers
Low nox burner,oxy-fuel combustion technology company
Boiler,steam turbine,generator,condenser,conveyor belt company
Mist eliminator,DCS,CEMS,fans,grinder,pulverizer, company
Waste water treatment,hazardous waste treatment company
Air pollution control technology company
Thermal coal company
Software company
Investment Bank
Venture Capital,Private Equity
Consulting company
Law firm

From the following locations:

- Canada - United States
- China P.R.C - Europe
- Japan - Korea
- India - Indonesia
- Philippine - Thailand
- Malaysia - Vietnam
- Hong Kong - Singapore
- Australia - New Zealand

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