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Attendee profile:
Participants will be senior executives including:
- Chairman
- Executive Director
- President,CEO,GM
- Managing Director
- Chief Operating Officer
- Chief Strategy Officer
- Chief Business Officer
- CTO,Chief Engineer, Technical Director, Technical Manager
- Chief Safety Officer
- Vice President,Deputy GM
- Vice President, Alternative Energy
- VP, Office of Technology Hydrogen Lead
- Vice President, Energy Services
- Vice President, Hydrogen
- Global Research & Development
- Global Hydrogen Technology Lead
- Principal Process Engineer
- Strategic Development Director
- Clean Hydrogen Commercial Director
- Director Low Carbon Technologies
- Sales/Marketing Director
- Business Development Director
- Partner
- Chief Representative
- Investment Analyst
- Legal/Financial Consultant
- Head of Industry Association Council Societies etc.

From the following organizations:
Government and Association of hydrogen ammonia and fuel cell
Green hydrogen ammonia developers
Hydrogen refueling infrastructure developers
Energy producers
Mobility OEMs
Electric power utilities
Renewable energy developers
Oil/gas companies
Green hydrogen ammonia epc companies
Hydrogen infrastructure providers
Fuel cell companies
Electrolyser manufacturers
Components providers
Green hydrogen&ammonia production solution providers
Hydrogen storage solution providers
Hydrogen transportation solution providers
Hydrogen refueling solution providers
Software companies
Certification service providers
Investment Bank
Venture capital,Private equity
Insurance companies
Consulting company
Law firm
IP protection companies

From the following locations:
- Canada - United States
- China P.R.C - Europe
- Japan - Korea
- India - Indonesia
- Australia - New Zealand
- Philippine - Thailand
- Malaysia - Vietnam
- Kazakhstan - Singapore
- Mongolia -Saudi Arabia
- United Arab Emirates -Oman
- Africa

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