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Chinese Society of Power Engineering is the academic mass organization of national power engineering science and technology professionals, a part of (CAST) China Association for Science and Technology, its predecessor the Chinese Society of Mechanical Engineering Turbine and Boiler,was established in 1962, changed its name to China Machinery Society of Power Engineering in 1979. According to the requirement of China's power engineering disciplines development and the majority of power engineering science and technology professionals, become a national top level society - China Society of Power Engineering in December 1988,was approved by the National Science and Technology Commission, joined the (CAST)China Association for Science and Technology in August 1992 . The Society is a multi-disciplinary comprehensive society focusing on the research, design and manufacture of power generation thermodynamic equipment. It includes 11 professional committees such as turbine, boiler, hydraulic turbine, nuclear power, industrial gas, automatic control, materials, environmental protection technology and equipment, new energy equipment industrial gas and academic, organization, international cooperation, editing and publishing, consulting and exhibitions and other five working committees. 
中国动力工程学会是全国动力工程科技工作者的学术性群众团体,是中国科学技术协会的组成部分,它的前身是1962年成立的中国机械工程 学会透平与锅炉学 会,1979年更名为中国机械工程学会动力工程学会。根据我国动力工程学科发展需要和广大动力工程科技工作者的要求,1988年12月经国家科委批准成为 国家一级学会——中国动力工程学会,1992年8月加入中国科协。 本会是以发电热动力机械设备的研究、设计、制造为中心的多专业的综合性学会。它设有透平、锅炉、水轮机、核电、热力、工业煤气、自 控、材料、环保技术与装备、新能源设备、工业气体等11个专业委员会以及学术、组织、国际合作、编辑出版、咨询与展览等5个工作委员会。 

Japan Hydrogen Association (JH2A), whose aim is to bring together businesses and organisations to work for building the hydrogen value chain, has been joined by a new member, Aisan Industry Co., Ltd. this week.

H2KOREA was launched with the aim of leading the global hydrogen industry by establishing a support system and to become the role of window. H2KOREA aims to achieve a low-carbon hydrogen economy society at an early stage, to expand hydrogen energy society and to develop hydrogen-related industries gathering capabilities of related ministries, agencies , to improve policy tasks, systems and to promote the distribution of hydrogen led by the private sector through H2KOREA

Hydrogen Association of India (HAI) is registered under the society act and having Memorandum and Rules and Regulations as per the association guidelines.

The aims and objectives of the Association are to conduct scientific activities which shall include the following:

To promote, encourage and develop the growth of Hydrogen Energy and its applications in the country.

To disseminate information concerning the developments in Hydrogen Energy and its applications through publications, such as bulletins, reports, newsletters, journals, etc.

To establish an active association of all those persons, bodies, institutions (private or public) and industries.

To render advice (technical or otherwise) to government and commercial bodies on matters pertaining to Hydrogen Energy and its applications, when needed or requested.

To render advice (technical or otherwise) to government and commercial bodies on matters pertaining to Hydrogen Energy and its applications, when needed or requested.

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The formation of Hydrogen Association of India (HAI) has provided impetus to the hydrogen research activities in the country of INDIA. HAI endowed with a common platform for sharing experiences regarding the latest technological trends in generation, usage and safety issues related to application of hydrogen as automotive fuel & other purposes. HAI is an excellent platform for the networking opportunities for one & all who want to contribute for the cause of Hydrogen Economy for a new world order.

Association of Indonesia Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy (IFHE) is a scientific organization engaged in the field fuel cell technology and hydrogen energy, as a container for deliberation, communication and dedication tools in the framework utilize, utilize and empower science and fuel cell technology and hydrogen energy for the benefit of the nation, homeland, and the state of Indonesia. IFHE’s vision is to develop renewable technology in Indonesia and to become a better renewable players in the world. IFHE’s mission is to become a superior organization, which is able to create technology renewable the better that can help society, too, creating environmentally friendly technology for the people of Indonesia.

The Association is the largest industry organization in the field of renewable energy sources, uniting all investors, developers, scientists, financial organizations, international energy companies to promote the formation and development of renewable energy in the Republic of Kazakhstan.
AREK is officially accredited by the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and The national chamber of entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan "Atameken" of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Green Hydrogen Alliance of Kazakhstan 

MAHE is a non-profit Malaysian NGO representing organizations from academia and industries with diverse interests in hydrogen energy. Since its registration with The Registry of Societies Malaysia on January 10th 2017, MAHE has become a consistent voice to policymakers and regulators, driving support at the federal and state level.

MAHE is focused on achieving our vision, mission and objectives through three primary activities:

Leading national advocacy to encourage all levels of government to support fuel cell and hydrogen technology research, development, and deployment;

Providing the industry a voice in shaping regulations, codes, and standards to enable commercial growth, while ensuring the highest levels of consumer safety and satisfaction; and

Educating the public and key opinion and policy leaders on the economic and environmental benefits of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies.

Mongolian Hydrogen Council is non-governmental organization, established in October 2021. Council drives support and provides a consistent industry voice to regulators and policymakers. Our educational efforts promote the environmental and economic benefits of fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies. 

The mission of the Mongolian Hydrogen Council is to advance the commercialization of and promote the markets for hydrogen and, to foster the development of hydrogen technologies and their utilization in industrial, commercial, and consumer applications and promote the role of hydrogen in the energy sector.

HFCAS has its roots as a community started in 2007 with support from the Economic Development Board (EDB) – part of the Singapore Government. It aims then was to foster a culture of innovation and enterprise development through partnerships in a community-based system for collaboration and support between members across the developmental value chain for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell users and providers. The community started with 40 different organisations which included government agencies, academia and industry players. However, interest died down over the years and the community became inactive.

In 2015, some of the members revived the community amid renewed interest in the Hydrogen Economy and the community attracted new and old members back again. Under the efforts of our current President, Mr Noel Chin, membership in the community grew to over 200 members in 2019.

Besides being a networking platform for the industry, academia and governmental agencies to network, the community also expanded to include organisation of site visits and study missions locally and aboard for members to learn and expand their knowledge as well as to help bring back best practices for the industry in Singapore.

At the end of 2019, it was decided to formalise the Singapore Fuel Cell Community to provide a united voice of the industry with credibility when dealing with government agencies, other associations and companies. It also signals our intention to support the push for hydrogen and fuel cell development and deployment in Singapore.

The formation of the Association also comes at a time when Singapore is planning for her future plans with regards to climate change. The Association with all its members are helping to educate and promote the use of hydrogen and fuel cells in the Singapore context to help Singapore decarbonize and move towards a greener energy mix for power generation, mobility and industrial applications.

上海市能源研究会成立于1980年。英文名称是Shanghai Energy Research Society ,缩写SERS。




The Renewable Energy Association of the Philippines (REAP)  was incorporated in 1985 as a non-stock, non-profit organization of companies and private individuals committed to the nationwide development, promotion, utilization and commercialization of renewable energy technologies/systems for sustainable energy generation.

台灣氫能與燃料電池學會以促進氫能與燃料電池之發展及應用為宗旨,英譯名為Taiwan Association for Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell(THEFC)。

India Hydrogen Alliance (IH2A) is an industry-led coalition that works together with policy makers, industry players, energy-sector experts, research agencies, think-tanks, and the media, to support concerted public policy and private sector actions to developing the hydrogen economy and a domestic hydrogen supply chain in India.

IH2A is committed to the creation of a national ‘Bharat H2’ roadmap and implementation plan, aligning it to the national renewable and electric vehicles plans to meet India’s energy transition and net-zero carbon pathway.

Renewable & Alternative Energy Association of Pakistan (REAP) is the first ever registered entity of the country in Alternative and renewable energy sector with a mission to minimize the national dependence on conventional resources of energy by promoting renewable resources of energy in Pakistan. REAP is a non political, non profitable organization to serve the community without any discrimination of cast, creed, clan, gender or religious discriminations. Standing shoulder to shoulder with Ministry of Water & Power and AEDB, we are open to all.

As a mission “Renewable & alternative energy association of Pakistan” (REAP) is committed to uplift a pollution free clean environment for our future generation by fetching a revolutionary environmental change and mentoring in the country. (REAP) is committed in depth of its mission to reduce national dependence on conventional energy resources and to induce new resources while working with area businesses, community groups to implement environmental projects that benefit our community socially and economically. We also commit to face all the challenges of Green House Effects for a sustainable healthy future to improve the Social, Economic and Environmental well being of the community.

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